Professional Interview Coaching by Kurt Thompson


“I had my face-to-face interview the week before last. Last week they extended me the offer and I accepted! I start work tomorrow! Thanks for all our help and attention.”

– Chad C (Engineer, large medical device company)

“I appreciate how much you helped me. I got the job! Thank you again and I will be referring more friends your way.”

– Colleen F (Senior level health care professional)

“I really enjoyed the process Kurt took me through to develop my “success stories” to use during an interview.  The START method for answering interview questions that Kurt taught me has given me the confidence to handle most interview questions, even the real difficult ones!”

– Jill D (Banking industry)

“I was officially offered the job. Thanks for all your help.”

– Ashley M (Government agency position)

“I  just wanted to tell you that I have “aced” my interviews because of your book!!!!   This book made the difference and I have received 3 phone calls back.  I love the START format. It’s so simple, but yet few people use or just  never thought of answering something so methodically.  Again, thank you so much!  This would have never have happened without your book.”

– Jeanni H (Healthcare professional)

“Thanks again for the extremely insightful interview session and further preparation tools you have given me. I cannot believe how much we accomplished in just one hour.”

– Benjamin S (Recent college graduate)

“I got the job! I appreciate all the coaching you provided me during the interview period. I am very grateful and would definitely recommend your interview coaching services to anyone who is looking for a job.

Fantastic outcome!”

– Roy S (Senior level finance position with a major bank)

“I definitely learned a lot from you. Thanks.”

– Chad P (Entry-level government agency position)

“Thank you for your help with my interview process. I did receive the offer and accepted the offer.”

– Dan C (IT professional)

“Thank you for the call to let me know about your new job. Sounds like a perfect fit and a great opportunity. I am glad I was able to help with your interviewing skills.”

– Harry A (Sales Manager)

“I have accepted the position as Executive Director. I am excited about the opportunity. The techniques I learned from you certainly helped me.”

– Julie V (Health care leadership position)

“Thank you for all your help and guidance. The recordings you made were especially useful!”

– Melanie D (Process Engineer)

“Congratulations to you and me! I got the job and start in two weeks. Thank you for all your assistance.

I think I am going to stay there until I retire!”

– Jennifer G (Purchasing Manager, government agency)

“I will definitely pass your name along. You have been an excellent coach for interview prepping.”

– Melanie S (Teacher)

“I appreciate all your support and guidance. You were the calm in the storm and helped me put things in perspective, helped me ask the right questions and the work you asked me to do gave me the confidence I needed to look people in the eye and tell my story. Thank you.”

– Paula W (Director, procurement services)

“I really appreciate Kurt’s insights and expertise with regards to the interview process. His coaching style reinforced the principles he teaches in his workbook. He was very responsive and answered all my questions. Kurt was especially helpful with me being able to negotiate a higher salary than originally offered.”

– Paul D (Financial Analyst, Fortune 500 company)

“Thank you for all your help and support”

– Sarah C (Recent college graduate)

“Hi Kurt. Your coaching and guidance was a big part of my success getting this accountant position.  Let’s keep in touch.”

– Steve E (Accountant, Fortune 500 company)

“Kurt’s extensive experience with interviewing provides him with a methodology into how interview questions should be addressed.  I found his training invaluable.”

– Tim M (Engineer, Large medical device company)

“I found Kurt’s coaching to be a true building process.  He pointed out to me what I was doing right and allowed me to “evolve” my words and build my expressions naturally.  Kurt validated that interviewing is an art that can be developed successfully.”

– Jane F (Banking industry)

“Kurt’s workbook is excellent.  It’ clear, easy to use and effective.”

– Daniel B (Civil Engineer)

“Hi Kurt, thank you for all your help.  I am also glad that I was able to get to know you and work with you to improve my interview skills.  I wanted to let you know I received the offer and will be able to start working next week.  Again, thank you for your support; I hope we can continue to be in touch.”

– Vicky W (Recent college graduate)

“Your resources were incredibly helpful!  I used  a lot of them leading up to the interview and utilized the START method in my answers”

– Shea F (Marketing Analyst, Ad agency)

“I just wanted to let you know that I was accepted into dental school.  I do believe you helped me tremendously!  Thank you so much for your help developing my interview skills!”

– Christian D (Dental school applicant)

“Of the two job offers I received, I accepted the California offer!  I really appreciated your interview coaching and flexibility.   You were worth every penny!”

– Alec S (Sr. Process Engineer, Pharmaceutical company)

“Thanks so much for helping me through this interview process.  I accepted the job today.  I never could have done this without your help.  It was THE best investment I made in years.  Thanks again and I am so glad I found you!”

– Megan R (Clinical Pharmacist, Large healthcare company)

“It was great to work with you.  Thank you for all your help.  I know I will be able to use what we worked on, and feel more confident with my interviewing skills.”

Additional follow up 2 months later:  “Just wanted to share the great news that I finally accepted a job offer – and it took me just one interview to land it! I definitely used many of the interviewing techniques we practiced, so I wanted to thank you again for helping me improve those lifelong skills!”

– Kristin M (Urban Planner & Design)

“Thank you Kurt! The coaching worked really good. I really appreciate you checking back with me.

– Erick P (Director of Operations, Food processing industry)

“Kurt, thank you for the follow up.  I think the interview went well.  Working on the answer structure really helped, and going over those specific questions really helped the conversation

– Cody L (Product Manager, Large media outlet)

“You played a huge role in this outcome, he went in this interview much more confident and skilled.  He credits you with giving him useful tips and said he used many of them on this interview process.  I am so grateful to you.  We have worked with him some but as parents we know nothing so I was so grateful to find you!!  Thanks again, if you need any referrals, be sure to use me.”

– Cari S, parent of recent college grad (Account Manager, Large OEM)

“Thank you for everything. There are many things which I feel I have gained from our sessions. I feel better prepared for future interviews. I also feel that you have taught me how to organize my thoughts and give answers which flow better and are well thought out. I think this preparation has me confident that if I get questions which I did not anticipate, I can use the tools you have given me to answer those questions.”

– Rhoda N (Nursing School Graduate Program Applicant)

“Success! Two Job Offers!  Kurt, I wanted to share the good news that I got two job offers this Friday!  I decided to accept the HR specialist job.  My interviewer, and future supervisor, even said to me that he was really impressed with my resume and interview.  I really appreciate the help you have given me and attribute your help to my success!

– Geoff G (Career change to HR specialist)

“I found last night very enlightening. In fact, l went home and said to my wife, “I now know why I didn’t get those other jobs, I really messed up on those interviews.” So, I found everything which you presented very helpful, very encouraging, and very informational. Thanks again, Kurt. It was truly a great evening.

One thing I walked away with, a among many other things, was the excitement of success was very much alive. Not just for themselves, but also for everyone else to find success.  Thanks again Kurt,”

– Randy K (IT Professional, Large health care company), attended one of my seminars

“I wanted to follow-up with you that I start tomorrow my new position as IT Manager Technical Support.  Thank you again for all your help.”

– Jason W (IT Manager of Technical Support, large real estate company)

“Hi Kurt.  I wanted to give you an update that I received an offer today. Thanks for your help getting me ready for the interview!”

– Dan S (Finance Manager, large consumer goods company)

“I wanted to let you know that I was given a job offer and that I decided to accept their Actuarial Analyst Assistant position! I will start working there in mid May after I graduate.  Thank you very much for your interview training and thoughtful support for the past year, which I am certain helped me succeed in my interviews with the company.

– Vicky W (Actuarial Analyst Assistant, large agricultural company)

“I found the meetings extremely helpful. He was able to coach me through many common interview questions and prepare for them in ways that left my answers flexible. The level of preparation that I was able to get out of this course helped immensely during my interviews. I went into the interviews with a level of confidence that I certainly did not have prior to this course. I can say without a doubt that this course helped me gain employment within the first few interviews after the class. Thank you again so much for all your help”

– Andrew K (Technician, city agency)

“Sorry for not getting back to you sooner! It has been a bit of a whirlwind. The (local non-profit) has offered me the Executive Director position. I had to go in for a final interview with the board on short notice and our preparation really helped me feel confident

– Matt T (Executive Director, non-profit)

Hi Kurt! Just an update, I got a job this week! I am now the development coordinator at Non-Profit. Thank you so much for all of your help, I appreciate it!

– Rachel L (Development Coordinator, non-profit)

“He is very excited about starting his new journey.  Brandon and I spoke many times about his practice and work with you on improving his skills.  I am 100% confident he would agree with me saying the time and effort spent with you made a huge difference in his approach, confidence and results”

– Scott B,  parent of recent college grad (Financial Analyst, fortune 100 company)

“My son Cal, who you helped with interview coaching for his internship interviews, started his internship with large insurance broker yesterday.  We credit the great coaching you provided!  Thanks!!

– Ron P,  father of recent college grad (Internship, large insurance broker)

“I really appreciated the coaching.  I felt at the beginning like I didn’t know if it was me or them, and I was entering those interviews just flailing, and not getting anywhere.  By the end I felt really prepared, and I think it lead me to where I was meaning to go.  So, thank you!”

– Jon K (Sr Level IT Manager)

“Thank you so much for all your help and information.  I learned a lot from our sessions and I feel I became a much more confident and prepared for interviews.  I’m very thankful I took the time to get some coaching, it really makes a difference!”

– Allie C (Business Analyst Consultant)

“Thanks for all your help with improving my interview skills.  It was a real “game changer” in terms of how I present myself in interviews.”

– Lori D (Senior Level Marketing Consultant)

“I just wanted to let you know I accepted a manager trainee job at ‘XYZ retail store’ on Monday.  I interviewed on Saturday, so they must have really liked me.  I want to thank you for your help with the interviewing skills.  The tell me about yourself went really well which gave me the confidence at the start of the interview and I feel like it helped me throughout the rest of the questions.  I went off script a bunch (didn’t say the exact words from a couple example questions we worked on), I think it made it feel more genuine.  But remembering to add the result and takeaway from my examples I think went a long way.  Even as a trainee position I will be making more than I do now.  And shortly I’ll be able to make much more.  Thanks again for the help.  If I know someone that needs help with interviewing I will certainly give them your information.”

– Brian S (Retail Store Manager)

“I just wanted to let you know I have a job!  Better money and I work from home too.  I couldn’t have done it without you.”

–  Nelson N (Pharmacist)

Hey Kurt,

Just wanted to update you on my interview yesterday. I think it went great! I felt much more comfortable and prepared for this go around. Many of the questions that were asked were ones on my practice question sheet that we worked on. Thanks for helping me out.

–  Cole C. (Law Enforcement)

Great news– I have officially accepted a position with General Mills in their Foodservice Sales division! The interview went fantastic and I felt like it was a great fit. 
Thank you for all of your help throughout this process, your insight and advice was extremely helpful. I hope to stay in touch! 
– Adam D (Recent College Grad)