Professional Interview Coaching by Kurt Thompson

Workshops & Seminars

Interview-Coaching-Workshops-Seminars-and-Group-ClassesInterview Coaching

Workshops, Seminars and Group Classes

Interview Coaching also includes conducting interview skills workshops, seminars and group classes. As an Interview Coach I have conducted many interview workshops, seminars and group classes. The participants have ranged from college graduates to high-level professional positions.  I have covered a broad range of interview coaching topics including:


  • Interview Preparation
  • How to Make a Great First and Last Impression
  • Behavior-Based Interviews
  • Best Ways to Answer Interview Questions (The START Method)
  • The Most Difficult Questions
    • Tell Me About Yourself
    • Biggest Weakness
    • Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years
    • Salary Questions
  • Questions to Ask in the Interview
  • Interview Follow-up
  • Many More Topics


Contact me to discuss specifics and we can talk more about what you are looking to accomplish. That way I can create a customized proposal based upon your exact needs.


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