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College Grad Interview Prep Package

College-Graduate-Interview-Coaching-Interview-Prep-PackageCollege Graduate Interview Coaching
College Grad Interview Prep Package – $149.00

(60 – 75 Minutes)

College Graduate Interview Coaching

College Graduate Interview Coaching Prep Package can help you develop the interview skills you need to get the first job out of college. College is a wonderful experience and a great way to get prepared for life.  However, college does not do a great job of preparing graduates for interviewing and the workplace.  Too many new grads have no idea what to expect from the interview and hiring process.

College Graduate Interview Coaching Prep Package is similar to the Basic Interview Prep Package. I have modified this package to meet the needs of recent college graduates or those new to the workforce.

College Graduate Interview Prep Package Details:

  • Learn to strategically prepare for interviews using your college experience
  • How to make a great first and last impression
  • I will explain what behavior-based interview questions are and how to recognize them
  • You will learn the START Method—an easy to learn, yet powerful way to answer most interview questions
  • We will work on the tough questions that are always asked:
    • Tell me about yourself
    • What is your greatest weakness?
    • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    • Questions about salary
  • We will talk about questions you should (and shouldn’t) ask during interviews

During our session we can discuss any interview questions or topics you would like to address.

All coaching sessions will be conducted by Zoom video conference.  Interview coaching sessions by phone is also an option.

The College Grad Interview Prep Package is ideal for you if:

  • You are a recent college graduate
  • You will be graduating soon and are about to enter the job market
  • You are a first time interviewer
  • You are a parent, family member, or friend of someone who fits the above descriptions and you want to the help them out

My work is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, I will refund any fees you have paid me.

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