Professional Interview Coaching by Kurt Thompson

The Job Interview may be the most important meeting of your life
You cannot be too prepared


My name is Kurt Thompson – The Interview Pro.

I help job candidates of all levels, from entry-level to high-level professional positions improve their interview skills. With my help, my clients are able to showcase their skills and experiences in an interview to best position themselves to get the job they desire.

My focus is exclusively on interviewing. I have several interview coaching packages to choose from – all designed to help you become the best interviewer you can be in the shortest amount of time.

“The resume may get you the interview, but it is the interview that gets you the job”

Available Services

Start Acing Interviews Now!

My workbook will help you gain the skills and confidence to effectively answer most interview questions

Individual Coaching

Several packages to choose from. Each package can be customized to fit your specific needs

Workshops and Seminars

Learn interview skills and strategies in a group setting

“The job does not go to the most qualified candidate, the job goes to the best interviewer”


“I used as a study guide for my interview!!! I got the job!!  A must have…”

“Kurt’s extensive experience with interviewing provides him with a methodology into how interview questions should be addressed. I found his training invaluable.”

“I found Kurt’s coaching to be a true building process. He pointed out to me what I was doing right and allowed me to “evolve” my words and build my expressions naturally. Kurt validated that interviewing is an art that can be developed successfully.”

“I really enjoyed the process Kurt took me through to develop my “success stories” to use during an interview. The START method for answering interview questions that Kurt taught me has given me the confidence to handle most interview questions, even the real difficult ones!”

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