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Personal Success Stories Interview Prep Package

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Personal Success Stories Interview Prep Package – $159.00

(1 1/2 – 2 hours)

Interview Coaching can help you succeed. Nothing succeeds like success! And nothing succeeds more in an interview than personal success stories!! The key to making an impact in an interview is sharing strong personal success stories relevant to the job you are interviewing for. In this session we work together to develop your personal success stories and how to use them in an interview.

Personal Success Stories Interview Prep Package Details:

30 minute pre-work session via phone:

  • Discussion of behavior-based interviewing
  • Introduction to the START Method for answering interview questions
  • We target your key strengths and experiences to build personal success stories
  • Pre-work assignment

1 – 1 1/2 hour follow-up session:

  • Review of behavior-based interviewing
  • You will gain command of the START Method for answering interview questions
  • We will develop a customized set of success stories based on the types of interview questions you will likely be asked.  I will show you how to use them strategically in the interview
  • We will specifically address the most challenging questions
    • Tell me about yourself
    • What are your greatest weaknesses?
    • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    • Salary requirement questions
  • You will have a set of strategic questions you will be ready to ask during the interview

During our time we can also talk about any interview questions or topics you would like to address.

Also included with this package is a copy of my interview workbook – ‘START Acing Interviews Now!’   We will talk about how to use the workbook so you can continue to work on your interviews skills on your own.

The preferred format is Skype. That way I can record our session and send it you for your future reference. If you do not have a Skype account, we can also meet by phone. In person sessions in the Twin Cities can be scheduled (there may be a facility surcharge for this type of session).

The Personal Success Stories Interview Prep Package is ideal for you if:

  • You have had some level of interview experience and want to develop your skills further
  • You do not have an imminent interview and you have the time for quality preparation
  • You want a highly customized consultation to develop your strategy for interview questions
  • This package works great in conjunction with the Mock Interview Package

My work is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, I will refund any fees you have paid me.

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