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Complete Interview Prep Package

Complete-Interview-Prep-PackageInterview Coach

Complete Interview Prep Package – $389.00

(5 1/2 hours)

As an Interview Coach I offer several packages to help develop your interview skills. The Complete Interview Prep Package is the most comprehensive interview preparation package I offer. There is no better way to prepare for your interview!

Complete Interview Coach Prep Package Details:

Session 1 (90 minutes)

  • Review your goals and objectives
  • “Tell Me About Yourself” – we will work together to build a customized answer to this very common first interview question.  You will have a recorded version of your answer for your future review
  • Introduction of the START Method for answering interview questions
  • Identify and develop your professional strengths and strategize how to communicate these in an interview

Session 2 (90 minutes)

  • We will create three “Professional Success Stories” based on your unique strengths and professional attributes
  • Learn how to use these strategically during the interview
  • This session begins work on how to use the START Method for answering interview questions
  • You will have recordings of your ‘Professional Success Stories’ for your future reference

Session 3 (90 minutes)

  • Review the three common types of interview questions (behavior-based, situational and close-ended)
  • Learn to identify and anticipate the questions you will encounter in your interviews.
  • Develop a list of interview questions based on the types of positions you are interviewing for
  • Continue to learn the START method for answering these questions for maximum impact
  • Learn how to use the ‘START Acing Interviews Now!’ workbook
  • Goal is to have several recordings of your interview answers for your future reference

Session 4 (60 minutes)

  • Continue work on creating customized answers to the interview questions you will likely be asked
  • Address the most common difficult interview questions
    • What is your greatest weakness?
    • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    • What are your salary requirements?
  • Develop a list of strong questions for you to ask during the interview
  • Develop a unique interview strategy to separate you from other candidates
  • Goal is to have several recordings of your interview answers for future reference

After our final session we can talk about next steps if necessary.  Once you have completed the Complete Interview Prep Package all future Mock Interviews will be offered at a discounted rate.

Included with this package is a copy of my interview workbook – ‘START Acing Interviews Now!’   You will also have access to several YouTube interview tutorials I have created to complement The Complete Interview Prep Package.

For clients who live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area in-person sessions are an option.   Otherwise Zoom video conference is the preferred format to conduct coaching sessions.  Interview coaching sessions by phone is always an option.

The Complete Interview Coach Prep Package is ideal for you if:

  • You have experience interviewing and you want the highest level of consulting and coaching
  • You have made or are making a career change and need to reassess your interview strategy
  • You do not have an imminent interview and have the time to properly prepare
  • You want the most comprehensive interview coaching regardless of the type of position you are interviewing for or your level of experience

My work is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied I will refund any fees you have paid me.

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